In life we go through a lot of things and we thing therer is no hope for us even family, friends and love ones reject us and we are always criticise. We always tried our best but out best is not up to their expectations. Know that life will not give you whatever you want. Know that God created you in his image and have made you a champion. Why do you allow people negativity to controll you. No one on thiss earth will be like you. You are created with some skills. Get up and do something. Never give a listening ear to them . Kwow that you are awesomely great.



We always thought of being happy within. Yes! That’s true but how? How can you be thinking negative and expecting positive results. If you are not happy within, how will you be happy ? If you are not happy with people how will they be happy for you ?

This life is about people so you have to be happy for everyone and their achievements. The bible lets us know that we should do unto others what we will like them to do to us. Always be happy for people no matter what. Know that whatever you think within that is what you exhibite. Always learn to a be happy within.

Raphael Kwame…….


There lived a twin sisters called Emilia and Emily who lived with their parents. It happened that Emilia likes going her own way without listening to advice but Emily is the opposite.

News reaching them one cloudy day revealed that their grandma was ill and needed the assistance of the girls. They adhered to this and with the consent and approval of the parents they set off to ‘Kumasi’ where grandma lives

Upon reaching there, they assisted her and within few days, she started recovering. She one day called them and advice them especially Emilia about her misconducts. She said “Be quicker to listen but slower to act”.

One shinny Saturday afternoon, on the way to fetch water from the river side, they met two friends from that village also going to fetch water.

Out of conversation, it was unveiled to them that the river suspend pebbles of gold to its bank, a little distance from where they fetch the water where no one has ever gone there  to fetch water, Emilia facing that direction to fetch the water.

All attempt to stop her but that attempt yield no results. Her sister tried her best to move forward a little to give her the latter part of the message which says that “but no one has ever gone there to collect water on Saturday but Emilia shouted  her up.

Scream from Emily alerted their newly friends that Emilia must be in danger so they run towards Emily and what they saw was nothing to write home about.

Two huge and scary looking pythons with horns were fighting over helpless Emilia in order to swallow her.

The latter of the twins fainted when her sister was finally swallowed by one, leaving pieces of gold and pebbles on the shore.

Their friends with the help of some of people who run there as a result of the shouting and screaming of the girls helped send motionless Emilia to their grandma

When Emilia regained consciousness, she told the grandmother and the parents who went there upon hearing the news that” grandma I was in haste to listen and in hurry to act”.

“Many people especially the youth of today are very quick in doing things. Know that the latter part of life very enjoyable than the beginning. Just take the life of Emily when she was obedient to her parents and the grandma, she never encounter any difficulties. Know that difficulties will be happening to but never be too quick to act. Be a good listener and never be too quick to act.

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There live a servant and his master. This servant was a faithful and a hard working to hid master. He always dreams of becoming a master on his own.

One day the servant walk to his master and said, master I want to be like you so sir what should I do to be a good  master like you? His master turned to him and asked him to repeat himself. The servant said I want to be like you. The master started laughing so the servant was very furious with his master. He said I want to be like you and you are laughing, why did you laugh at me?

The master then, took the servant to the river side. There, the master entered into the river with his servant and as they continue moving to the deepest part of the river, the master pushed the servant into the river while holding in so that he did not come out. The servant kept struggling under the water while he was firmly held by his master and after sometime the servant was very weak and the master brought him out of the river.

The servant turned to his master and asked the master, do you want to kill me? Why are so wicked to me? Don’t you know that I needed oxygen to survive?

The master asked his servant when you were under the water, what do you want most? The servant said he wanted oxygen. The master again asked him why he needed the oxygen. He said for survival. The master said “if you want something so badly, you do not just sit down and become who want to be. You have to work hard for it. You should never give up in life no matter the difficulties you go through you have to be patient and wait for God to do it for you. Know that those difficulties prepare you for better tomorrow. Never Give Up!!!”

Kwame Raphael………..


The best thing to do and be happy within is to work on yourself. In life we always want to help people out of their situation but our best is never known. I hate to say this “ if you can not work on yourself then do not work on others”. If you are able to work on yourself then you can work on others very and very well. Work on yourself to bring out the best version of yoursself not others, even if you work on them they will still criticise. Better stay at your corner than going to stay at someone’s corner.

Raphael Kwame

Your Mind, Your Body

                Scientist said whatever your mind thinks that is how your bod reacts. Whatever you think within it is shown outside your body. Your mind shows you how to do thing. If you think you are strong, Yes you are indeed strong. You can not be thinking negative and expect positive………..

If you think you can then you can do it. If you think you will you will no man can change how you think. The moment you let people think for you, they are going to make you weak and weaker….

You are who you are and you can do it….

Raphael Kwame…….

Let It Out

There are some moment in life that you feel like screaming not that you are angry or you are happy not that you win, not that you have all what you need to have in life. Just because you feel like letting out your feelings…… Just imagine you been electrified and your whole body is charge. At that time you scream very and very loud to let all out.

Raphael Kwame……
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